Magnolia Schooner Paul Rollins Boat Builder York Maine

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On the Seas

Paul Rollins Boat Builder has restored and built many boats in 35 years of business that can be found sailing the seas around the world. Rollins' most recent launch was a 56 schooner Magnolia, currently in Antigua and planning on crossing to the Mediterranean this spring.

2008 Rebuild 37' Ralph Winslow Yawl JOLIE
    Complete 32' MacItosh Power Cruiser with Copper Plated Bottom SANDPIPER
2007   Complete 56' Schooner MAGNOLIA
    Build 40' Third Durham boat for Washington Crossing Park
2006   Rebuild 37' Alden Sloop Overhaul
    Build 56' 26 Ton Schooner, In House Design

Complete 30' Tahiti Ketch

    Rebuild 40' Power Cruiser Stem and Forefoot TEMMA
    Rebuild 30' Jersey Sea Skiff Hull
    Rebuild 30' Antique Power Cruiser
    Repair 80' Alden Schooner Stom Damage WENDAMEEN
2004   Repair 30' Tahiti Ketch Rehull
    Rebuild 33' English Cutter Overhauled
    Rebuild 40' Ketch Planking Decks & Interior NATALIE M
    Repair 42' Schooner, Alden Malabar, Bulwarks & Deck Hardware
2003   Ongoing 88' Replica for Lake Champlain Maritime Museum LOIS MCLURE
    Restore 26' Chris Craft
    Complete 24' Sloop
    New 16' New Console for Antique Boston Whaler
    Overhaul 20' Cat Boat Fenwick Williams
    Complete 32' New York 32 Finished
2002   Ongoing 88' Replica for Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
    Rebuild 41' Rhodes Yawl & Repowered
    Rebuild 45' Sparkman & Stephens New York 32 GENTIAN
    Complete 65' Grebe Power Cruiser
    Build 36' Ketch Spars
2001   Complete 30' Custom Tuna Chaser, Finish Glass Hull
    Rebuild 34' Downeast Power Lobster Boat, Repower
    Begin 88' Canal Schooner Replica for Lake Champlain Martime Museum, Teaching Project Summers
2000   Rebuild 39' Concordia Yawl SAXON
    Rebuild 26' McKenzie Bass Boat
    Build 14' Dory
    Build 10' Yacht Tender
    Build Gaffs & Booms for Schooner